Training and Education for Mentoring Organizations


Our Mentoring Institute was founded in 1998 in order to train and educate other mentoring and youth-serving organizations on our successful program model so that together we can develop a healthier, happier, and more productive community. In addition to organizational techniques and staff training, we develop educational products to help youth-serving professionals be more effective.


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Mentoring Journal

Mentoring Journal
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For those who are new to the Mentoring Journals, this resource offers mentoring matches a structured yet flexible format to enjoy meaningful activities together, increasing the opportunity for meaningful interactions. Sold in sets of two so each mentor and mentee receive their own, by using the Mentoring Journals, they get a reflective, creative and FUN experience; chances to contribute to each other’s Mentoring Journal; and the opportunity to turn memories of a year into memories for a lifetime.

Program staff can also benefit: when your mentors and mentees use Mentoring Journals, your program gets an instrument for monitoring meetings, a tool to assess relationship satisfaction, an opportunity to measure activity levels, and a method to align individual match goals with your overall program goals. 

Good for both 12-month and school year matches, the Mentoring Journal is divided into four sections, with activities that increase in interaction and sharing as the match progresses through the year.

For more information about trainings, contact us at or read about Successful Mentoring Standards.